Surgical facilities

Here at Littlecroft we have three consulting rooms, an operating theatre, isolation room and kennels to give your pet the best possible care.

Our consulting rooms manned by our skilled and caring staff, are comfortable, hygienic and are equipped with the latest technology so you have confidence in us and your pet feels happy and secure.
Should your pet need surgery rest assured it will be given our full attention during the procedure and afterwards.

All procedures will be fully explained to you by our staff and carried out by knowledgable veterinary surgeons. We are a veterinary nurse training practice and anaesthetics are monitored by our experienced qualified veterinary nurses.



Among the most common surgical procedures are castration for male dogs and spaying for females. These can be done from six months old if you don’t plan to breed from them.

If you don’t want pups, we advise this surgery is carried out to prevent aggression, dominance and conditions such as prostate and testicular cancers in males and in bitches to safeguard against conditions such as pyometra womb infection, breast cancer and phantom pregnancies.

We also advise that you have your cat neutered to prevent unwanted kittens and to stop male cats from roaming and spraying. Females will come into season at approximately six months old and will fall pregnant if not neutered before four to five months of age.