Littlecroft fees

The first consultation costs £38.51 with fees for subsequent re-examinations priced at £31.79.

House Vet visits are £71.94 for pre-arranged routine visits plus standard consultation and vaccination fees, please note emergency visits will incur additional charges.

Dog nail clipping £15.96
Cat nail clipping £11.20

Microchipping £21.25

Dogs & Cats


Our fees for a kitten/cat vaccine initial course is £66.60 which includes feline enteritis, Calici virus, cat flu and leukaemia. Cat boosters are £43.32.

A dog vaccine initial course is £55.42 which includes distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis and leptospirosis. Dog boosters are priced at £37.48.

Dog and cat initial courses for puppies and kittens include free monthly development check-ups by a vet until they are six months old.


We charge £57.19 to neuter a male cat and £87.46 for a female.

Dog neutering varies with the weight, but prices for 10kg dogs start at £248 for a male and £268 for a female. This includes oral pain relief to go home with.

We work closely with the Dogs Trust and South Wirral Cats Protection. These charities may help contribute to neutering cats and certain breeds of dogs, subject to owner status. Please call reception on 0151 339 2605 to inquire further.



To vaccinate a rabbit for both haemorrhagic viral disease and myxomatosis the cost will be £36.73.
Filavac (RHDV2) £28.81


Rabbit neutering is £86.76 for a female rabbit and £70 for males.