Littlecroft has a range of facilities to help with the care of your pet.

Both x-ray and ultrasound procedures are examples of medical imaging which allow our staff to uncover health issues which may not always be found through external examination.

Ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves and is commonly used to check for pregnancy or the life-threatening womb infection pyometra.

X-rays on the other hand produce images of the inside of the body and are an effective way of looking at bones. We also have a self-contained imaging suite for digital x-ray processing.

We have a lab with in-house facilities for testing blood for haematology and biochemistry with results available in just a few minutes to allow diagnosis of a variety of conditions.

We also have isolation kennels which allows a recovering patient to enjoy peace and quiet as well as protecting other pets from any contagious illnesses.

Sean carrying out a abdominal ultrasound

Egg bound tortoise radiograph (X Ray)